What You Can Do to Prevent Another Herniated Disc

If you’ve recently visited a chiropractor for lower back pain relief in Annapolis, MD after suffering a herniated disc, then you may be wondering what you can do to prevent a similar injury in the future. Luckily, there are several steps that you can take to help avoid another herniated disc. herniated - disc

Maintain a healthy weight.

If you've previously suffered a herniated disc and are overweight, then consider talking to your doctor about beginning a weight loss plan. Being at a healthy weight is important for your overall health and can directly affect your back. When you’re carrying excess weight on your body, this puts added strain on your spine and can increase your risk of suffering another herniated disc.

Have an active lifestyle.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle can make you more vulnerable to a broad range of health issues, including back problems. The more time you spend sitting, the weaker and tighter your muscles can become. Because your core muscles play a role in providing your spine with support, your risk of herniating a disc can increase if they lack strength and flexibility. For this reason, your chiropractor may advise you to be more active or practice core strengthening exercises.

Think about your posture.

Whether you are sitting or standing, maintaining good posture can help prevent herniated discs. When you're sitting, try to keep your back straight and your head over your shoulders and when you're a standing, imagine a line running from your earlobe through your hips and then down to your feet. Try to keep your posture in mind while you’re driving, standing in long lines, and working at your desk.

Quit your smoking habit.

If you’re being treated for a herniated disc and are a smoker, then your chiropractor may advise you to quit. This habit increases your risk of herniating a disc because the nicotine in cigarette smoke can prevent spinal discs from absorbing necessary nutrients from the blood. To help reduce your risk of another disc herniation, consider quitting smoking.