Prior to your initial consult, you must:

  1. Make a commitment to a lifestyle change – at least temporarily - ideally permanently.
  2. Locate our “Intake Questionnaire”
  3. Submit completed “Intake Questionnaire” to:
    1. Email: Info@KinnCare.com
    2. Snail Mail: KinnCare; 1460 Ritchie Highway #206; Arnold, MD 21012
    3. Fax: 410 - 757 - 9139
  4. Blood Work
    1. After receiving your completed "Intake Questionnaire" we will provide you with a requisition form to get your blood drawn.
      1. *NOTE* Blood laboratory service is covered by most health insurances and is seperate from the KinnCare's 12 Week Physique fee. If you have had the appropriate tests done in the last 3 months, we can skip this step. Call our office with any questions 410-757-8989.
  5. Schedule an Initial Consult - Request appointment by clicking here.
  6. Commit Financially - Pay online right now here - Or call 410-757-8989 and ask to discuss a financial arrangement that meets your budget.

Initial Consult & Beyond…

Upon your initial consult, KinnCare will review your intake and bloodwork and recommend an eating strategy, supplements, shakes, capsules - whatever is best for you. One price includes everything. Follow our program: stop by weekly to weigh-in; while you're there, exercise on our commercial grade high frequency vibration exercise platforms and/or receive wellness chiropractic treatments – all included apart of the 12-Week Physique. On monthly follow-up visits we'll collect more data (circumference measurements, body comp, vitals) to track your progress; consult the doctors as needed. Complete week twelve; get your final measurements and blood labs drawn. See your body’s transformation and become our next success story.



Mondays: 7 am -1 pm & 4 pm -7 pm

Tuesdays: 8:30 am -1 pm

Wednesdays: 2:30 pm - 7 pm

Thursdays: 8:30 am - 11 am & 4 pm - 7 pm

Fridays: 7 am - 1 pm


Mondays: 9 am - 6 pm

Tuesdays: 9 am - 6 pm

Wednesdays: closed

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Our Values

  • Drugless, Non-Surgical Solutions
  • An Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
  • State-of-the-Art Facility
  • Innovative Equipment
  • Treat People, Not Disease
  • Accessible Location/Hours
  • Affordability; No Interest Financing