Our Healthcare Services

Natural Healing and Effective Results in the Annapolis Area

When you come into KinnCare, you can count on us to provide you with a different type of experience from going to visit a traditional doctor. We do not believe in covering up the symptoms with drugs or jumping to the conclusion that you need surgery. Our Arnold chiropractor and Arnold naturopathic doctor will treat the root of your condition to provide you with long-lasting results.

We can offer the following services and treatments:

  • Chiropractic care: Whether you have chronic pain or a one-time injury, chiropractic care and treatments from our doctor have many long-term benefits including improved structural alignment, posture, and relief from pain.
  • Physical therapy: After an accident or illness, your body may not be at its full physical capacity. Our doctor works with patients to help them with rehabilitation from a variety of injuries using natural remedies and treatments.
  • Back and neck pain relief: Do you have chronic back or neck pain that has not been relieved even with treatment, medication, or surgery? We may be able to help you experience significant relief with our chiropractic care and additional services.
  • Decompression treatment: Our spinal decompression treatment helps individuals like you to experience great relief from pain caused by a variety of conditions, such as disc herniation and disc degeneration.
  • Headaches and migraines: If you suffer from frequent migraines or headaches, you may benefit from a chiropractic adjustment to repair your alignment and help relieve you of your constant pain and discomfort.
  • Sport injuries: Sports can cause a variety of injuries including a broken collarbone or shattered tailbone. We can provide the medical treatment and rehabilitation services you need to allow the injury to heal properly.
  • Auto accidents: Being involved in a car accident can leave you injured and in pain. While medication may mask the pain, we can help you to heal properly through naturopathic medicine that treats the root of the problem.
  • Work injuries: Injuries sustained on the job can be debilitating and leave you unable to get back to work. Come to see us for physical therapy and chiropractic care. We can rehabilitate you and get you back on your feet

We would be happy to answer any of your questions when you get in touch with our office. To request more information about our services or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your unique situation, please give us a call today at (410) 757-8989!



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Our Values

  • Drugless, Non-Surgical Solutions
  • An Evidence Based Practice (EBP)
  • State-of-the-Art Facility
  • Innovative Equipment
  • Treat People, Not Disease
  • Accessible Location/Hours
  • Affordability; No Interest Financing