Good Health Needs A Plan

At KinnCare we are here to provide you DIRECTION.

  • What do you do every day to maintain or improve your health?
  • What signs and symptoms are you ignoring?
  • Which direction are you moving yourself towards?

Annapolis Chiropractor and Naturopathic Medicine

A wise old man once said, “the best investment, is that in your health.”

It is pretty convenient and cost effective to take our body and health for granted. But that’s not good health - that’s 'putting the blinders on' and waiting for something to happen. Ask anyone with chronic pain or illiness and they'll say it is certainly NOT cost-effective, and they wish they never let it happen in the first place!

Remember, your living body is AMAZING. It’s built to SURVIVE, THRIVE and ADAPT in response to what you put it through. It can tolerate a lifetime of abuse - years of inactivity - repetitive over-activity - thousands upon tens-of-thousands of cigarettes – alcohol abuse - insomnia - un-natural processed biochemical food ingredients - toxic-rich environments - pharmacology - drug abuse - etc… AND your living body will keep you symptom free – for as long as possible - or die trying.

But ask yourself, do you just want to survive? Just barely hang on? Keep ‘slapping a bandage on it?’

At KinnCare we KNOW that good health needs a plan - and it's more than just a lack of symptoms. No health plan? What are you waiting for? Disability? Illness?

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Disease Treatment or Disease Prevention?

"99% of patients fall into one category or the other"

Most of us say we want to choose prevention. But most of us don't act on it. At a typical doctor's office, patients usually present in need of treatment for a problem. Although, more and more individuals are taking a pro-active approach to their health (control health, don't wait to react to symptoms). Any doctor will tell you, the best patients are healthy ones! At KinnCare its much preferred to make a health-plan to prevent what can be reasonably predicted will be symptomatic later. Where do you fall? Prevention? or Treatment?

Treatment Plans

Your treatment plan is our best recommendation to get you well. We base this off of our education, clinical expertise, your history, positive exam findings, imaging reports (MRI, X-Ray, CT), laboratory findings, past treatment history, and most importantly, your goals.

Your plan outlines your problem, the treatment for the problem, and the frequency of treatment needed to get the best outcome. It outlines (but is NOT a guarantee of) your insurance benefits, which treatments are covered and which are not covered. It shows what each treatment costs and shows you how your health insurance works for you to cover those costs.

Prevention Plans

From a natural healthcare standpoint, the things that help us overcome the symptoms of a problem are the same things we should incorporate into our lifestyle to prevent them from reoccurring. As Dr. Koloski says frequently, "If its good for a bad back, its good for a good back." This could include semi-regular chiropractic adjustments to maintain a healthier spine; intermittant decompression therapy to manage herniated or degenerative discs, nutritional and dietary check-ups every few months to keep you on track - referral to a hypnotist to clear your sub-concious - whatever is needed really. Your goals are ours.



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Our Values

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