Holly - "Excellent if you have chronic back problems. He [Dr. Koloski] will make sure that your back is the best that it can be!"

Ken - "Dr. Kelly has saved me from surgery three times."

Anonymous - "Dr. Kinney, Hi. I hope you are well. I wanted to follow up with you. I thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I am happy to tell you that the use of the probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as the holistic remedies has changed my life!!!! I am back to my normal self and that is such a relief. I just cant express how grateful I am to you. I am currently on round 2 of the whole 30 and trying to adhere to the whole 9 lifestyle. I look forward to hearing from you about the health insurance and you becoming a part of the insurance plans. I would love to have you as my primary Dr. I tell everyone I meet about you and I will stay in touch with you and contact you as needed in the future. Thanks again!”

Anonymous - "Chiropractic has really turned into a lifestyle that has kept me out of medical offices for years."

Jackie - "He really has a gift. No one else has been able to tame my knee pain."

Todd - "I have seen and used several chiropractors. Kinncare is by far the best I have been to. They take time to treat your issue with out rushing you out the door."

What People Say About SpineMED Decompression Therapy:

Kristin - "The treatment was great. I truly recommend SpineMED to anybody with back or neck discomforts, herniated discs."

“I no longer have the pain radiating across my shoulders. That pain is no longer there. I don’t have the tingling in my fingertips. Its definitely worth the investment in your life.”

“I would recommend it to anybody. I feel great. I feel like I did 20-25 years ago and I haven’t had this feeling in a long time because I’ve been living in pain. And I just cant say enough about it.”

“It just feels so much like I’m getting my life back.”



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